Saturday, February 27, 2016

Book Review: Light of Dawn - The Dawn Trilogy Series


When Dawn’s soul mate, Angelo, leaves town with another girl, he steals all hope of mending their relationship. However, this allows the bond with her guardian angel, Gabe, to grow. But their love can’t save them from what is to come. 
When their greatest fear becomes a terrifying reality, their limits will be pushed and tested. Dawn’s strange abilities are finally revealed, and she begins to realize her full potential. Now she must decide if she will run or fight.

My Review
This is the third book of the Dawn Trilogy written by Komali da Silva. This book is 247 pages long.

Dawn's mom died and she basically lost both her parents. To make it less confusing.... Angels do exist and Dawn's dad was her mom's Guardian Angel! When Dawn's mom died, so did he, per say. Dawn is half angel, half human, the first of her kind... Stuck in both worlds in a war that revolves around her. Gabe, her Guardian Angel, has protected her and taken care of her after Angelo, her ex guardian and ex boyfriend, got burned and lost his charge. War is raging and demons are taking over the city and possessing the citizens.The angel elders can't do anything without proof that the prophecy is true about Dawn being the High Priestess. Her powers are getting stronger and the cards have been played... She will be the light that will save, her being the High Priestess, but there will be death, one of them someone close to her that she loves dearly. Will Dawn run or fight? Who can she trust? Which of her loved ones will live or die?

This was an epic battle of love, lust, and tears! I cried at the very end, but it was still a great book. The battle was epic and Dawn's powers were kick-butt! The only problem that I had was the F-Bomb being dropped a few times. Three times I think.... It wasn't as much as most the books I've read so that's good. I wish there was another book to this series.. 

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