Monday, June 29, 2015

Book Review: Howl - The Howl Series

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Samara’s first date with Luke, the hot new guy at school, didn’t go exactly the way she planned. She figured they would stargaze and maybe share a kiss at the end of the night, but she couldn’t have prepared for what really happened. She was bitten by a wolf and not just any wolf—a werewolf.

After she shifts for the first time, she meets the Alpha of her new pack in the woods. While he answers a lot of her questions, he remains in his wolf form during their meetings to keep his identity a secret from her. She wonders who this mysterious wolf is and why he bit her.

As Samara begins to learn more about her family secret and how it plays into her new life as a werewolf, she realizes that she has an important decision to make—one that could hurt the ones she cares about the most. She must choose between two werewolf packs: the one that she’s destined to be in and the one that she feels she belongs in.

Howl is a suspenseful tale of secrets, betrayal, and forbidden romance
My Review

I read "Howl" a few weeks ago, but since it was still fresh in my mind, I decided to share. "Howl" is written by Jody Morse and  is 262 pages long.

Samara and Emma are best friends, but they couldn't be more different. Emma decides to throw a party and that is where Samara meets Luke, her cute crush. On their first date a wolf attacks Samara and her life changes forever, literally (In this book werewolves live thousands of years). After everything she has went through already, Samara has to make a decision that will impact her life forever. Since her grandfather was the most powerful and feared werewolf in all of history every pack in the area wanted her to join their pack. What pack will she choose?

I am very into the supernatural stuff, mostly vampires and werewolves. This book was very romantic, but also very sad. The cliff-hanger was very sad, but suspenseful. I liked how the werewolves were balanced. There are many stories about werewolves and Jody Morse incorporated the most common one, a humans body transforming into the four-legged wolf, and some of her own interesting ideas for the packs abilities. The only thing I disliked was this is supposed to be for teens and YAs, but it has cussing not for the reading of teens.

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