Thursday, June 25, 2015

Meet Me!

Hi, my name is Belle!

I started reading when I was four years old and have not stopped since!  I have always loved to read, and find that my biggest challenge is finding a new book to read because I read so fast!  I got a Kindle a few months ago, which I'm very excited about. Now I can take my library with me anywhere!

My mother, who happens to be an author, recently attended a week long book conference in Nashville, TN called Utopia.  The conference was filled with many authors who wrote Young Adult Fiction, and she brought back several books for me that I am eager to read.

While at the conference, she asked some of the authors how they would feel getting the opinion of a teenager, which is their target audience.  She said that a lot of the authors seemed very excited about it, and some of the authors even personalized books to me!

I am going to start with my current reads on Kindle and the paperbacks my mom brought me. However, I am taking review requests from self-published authors as well.

Anyone that wants me to read a young adult book that they have written, or a book they are curious about, email me or post it on my Facebook page.

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