Sunday, September 27, 2015

Book Review: Fight for Dawn - The Dawn Trilogy

THE EAGERLY AWAITED SEQUEL TO ANGELS DAWN! She should've known better than to hope her life could be normal after losing her best friend Nate. It’s hard enough to deal with the loss but now she “sees” him everywhere. Add that to meeting Gabe, the new guy who sends her heart racing and Dawn is certainly spinning. It’s almost enough to make her forget the demons that lurk in the shadows. Unfortunately the many distractions aren’t enough to purge Angelo from her broken heart. Her hopes of ever being with him again have been dashed. He’s moving farther away and there is nothing she can do to stop it. Soon the demons Dawn wanted to forget about will remind her of their presence and she’ll have to abandon everything else. Not only is her life in danger, but the lives of everyone around her as well.
My Review

This is the second book to the Dawn Trilogy. It is 234 pages long.

After Nate's death, nothing was the same. Everywhere she went Nate was there, watching her. Her trip to Italy is coming up and she meets Gabriel, her tour guide. Angelo and Bonita had a connection that complicates things more for Dawn. A miracle baby is on the way, but that's not the only secret you will learn. Angelo has been relieved of his duties as Dawn's guardian angel. Who is Dawn's new guardian angel? Who's the baby's parents?

I loved this book, but it was a bit confusing. I hope there is another book. The ending is so unbelievable and just awesome. This book has a lot of secrets and problems that have to be solved. If I had to choose between Angelo and Gabriel, I would definitely choose Gabriel.

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