Monday, September 21, 2015

Book Review: Full Moon Kisses - Once in a Full Moon Series

This enticing paranormal romance featuring werewolves and the popular girl who loves them is a great conclusion to the Full Moon series.
What will Celeste do now that both her heroic boyfriend, Brandon, and her popular ex-boyfriend, Nash, are werewolves? And someone wants to turn her into a werewolf, too. Life is complicated under Legend Run's full moon.

My Review
This is the third book in the Once in a Full Moon series. It is 224 pages long, too.
Brandon's dad brought a cure, but there is some other werewolves as well. And one of them wants to turn her. She is finally able to tell her friends she is together with Brandon and she even gets to hang out with him, which is great. The only problem is part of Brandon likes being a werewolf, so he keeps himself from taking the cure at the last second. The annual Werewolf Festival is coming up and the werewolves are going to be there. What is going to happen to Celeste? Will Brandon take the cure?
I loved this book as well. I didn't really like the ending, because it didn't say anything about Celeste and Brandon in the future.

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