Sunday, March 20, 2016

Book Review: I, Zombie


It's the end of the world as we know it.

Trixie Collins is a normal teen making her way through high school. One night at a party, a boy comes on to her and won't take no for an answer. As she jerks her arm away, his fingernails cut into her skin. 

When she finds her dog's mutilated body and realizes she's to blame, she starts to think maybe the zombie apocalypse they've been screaming about on the news isn't a hoax after all. Worse, she begins to think maybe she's one of the infected.

Now it's a fight for life as she joins together with her brethren to stop the humans intent on destroying them. Are zombies all bad, or is it just a huge misunderstanding?

My Review

This book was written by Jo Michaels and is the first and only book in this series. The book is 256 pages long.

Trixi Collins used to spend her time at high school with her best friend Lexi and Jack, her ex boyfriend and best friend. Then, one night at a party, her and Jack are both injured and the infection spreads. The news starts overflowing with information on a new outbreak. Everyone decides to jump to conclusions, so now "hunters" roam the streets shooting any of the infected. The "zombies" are all in hiding until they get a telekinetic call from Trixi telling them to come to Jack's hideout to stay safe. Trixi and Jack have one mission....... Survive! Jack thinks he has figured out how to cure this disease, but everyone is either dead or in hiding. Trixi and Jack have always been friends, now something even worse than "zombies" is growing between them. What will happen to the rest of the "zombies"? Will they find a cure?

I loved this book!! The zombies weren't portrayed as mindless killers, they had their minds and they could get organized. It was just a infectious disease that came around. It chews up the subject's vocal chords and eardrums, too. I pitied the hunters, because they were killing innocent people that were just sick. WARNING!WARNING! This is a book that will make you cry..... I know I did and that doesn't happen often. This is a clean book that only has mild grotesque scenes. I wish Jo Michaels would have made another book, because there is many opportunities. Jo Michaels, you are a great author..... Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this great book! 


  1. OH MY GOSH!! Thank you SOSO much for reading, reviewing, and LOVING my book. Sorry I made you cry. I bawled my eyes out when I wrote it, and I'm glad I could make you feel all those feels that come across in your video. You're getting a big hug when I meet you at Utopia!

  2. Thanks for letting me review your book. It was beyond words and expressions. I bawled and my mom started laughing at me. She said she'd tell you. I can't wait to meet you in person. Are you doing the lip-syncing contest?

  3. I did not laugh AT you lol... I just laughed because Jo had broke you! That shows what a big heart you have and what a great author Jo is! :)