Monday, March 14, 2016

Book Review: Whispers and Wishes - The Sage Springs Series


Eliza Monroe has been traveling the United States for three years, immersing herself in the towns she visits as she searches for the mother she’s never known. She hopes returning to her grandmother’s inn in Sage Springs, Mo., will provide the break she needs to evaluate her lonely life. 

What Eliza isn’t expecting is to have two men enter the picture, not making her decision to stay or leave any easier. One has been her foundation, while the other is as comfortable as she is hopping from city to city. Throw in a kooky grandmother, a cheerful best friend, a sarcastic guest, a town where residents and spirits interact like neighbors, and Eliza has little time to contemplate her future. 

Friendships grow, webs are spun and lies are revealed before Eliza comes to terms with what she wants in life and learns what's really important. 

My Review

This is the first book in a three book series by Hollie Westring. This book is 236 pages long.

On a mad goose chase around the country searching for the mom she never knew, Eliza Monroe heads back to Sage Springs until she gets news from Tom, her private investigator, about her mother's location. When at the airport she sees Jake, the boy who said he loved her when she ran, and he takes her to see her coocky grandmother. Lexi, Eliza's best friend, has been trying to tell Eliza about the broken down inn, but long-distance relationships don't work very well. On Eliza's return, she learns of her grandmother's lover and the inn's shape after Manny, the inn's keeper, left. Eliza is staying at the inn until after Fall Fest. After making new friends, including Ivy and Gavin(The definition of Tall, Dark, and Handsome), Eliza finds it even more difficult to stay or leave and find her mother. Not all is who they say and what you think might not be what it is. Will Eliza stay in Sage Springs? Where is Eliza's mother now?

I loved this book, especially the characters. This was very well-written with cool spirits and spell-binding wishes. This little book was packed full of surprises that would never be expected. Even though 200 page books usually take me about a day, this only took a couple of hours. I can't wait to read the next book in the Sage Springs series. I've been trying a new method of reviewing the books I've read. I am starting to do video reviews. If anyone would like their book video reviewed, then contact me on my Facebook page or my blog directly.

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