Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Book Review: Hook's Little Mermaid - The Untold Stories Series


Captain James Hook was once a good man trying to make a somewhat honest living. He is a pirate, after all. However, after getting word that a boy named Peter Pan played a part in the death of a dear loved one, Hook makes it his sole purpose to hunt down and destroy the fiend. 
On his journey for vengeance, the captain encounters many new comrades, including a young girl named Red and a fairy called Tinker Bell, and both push him to reconsider his desire for justice. 

The accidental rescue of a mermaid leads him on a whirlwind adventure in Neverland. The journey is not a simple one, considering Pan, the Lost Boys, mermaids, and magic all come into play. After several misadventures, Hook must choose between the possibility of a new life with love and his much-desired retaliation against Pan. 

Once everything is said and done, will the captain be able to overcome his need for revenge? Will he let compassion steer him toward love? Or will Captain Hook live up to his villainous reputation?

My Review

This is the first book in the Untold Stories Series by Suzanna Lynn. This book is 260 pages long.

Captain James Hook is what most fear, a pirate. Once a low boy working as a petty little deck cleaner, he now runs the famous "Jolly Roger". Hook is on a strike for vengeance and he won't stop until he can drive his sword through the heart of Peter Pan. To find Pan, he has to get to Neverland. How can he get to Neverland without flying? On Hook's quest, he meets a cute fairy named Tinkerbell and she promises him a favor. When Hook and his crew are out on the ocean, he meets a sea witch with the beautiful revenge in her mind. Hook meets another mermaid, one with the power to change his pirate ways. He might have to sacrifice his vengeance for her. Can Hook really give up his pirate ways? Better yet, can Hook give up revenge for Peter, the mermaid's friend?

I loved this book. There are many different versions of the original fairy tales and this is one of the best ones yet. Incorporating multiple fairy tales makes it even more interesting. There is mild language. It didn't have anything bad to really say. For those who don't know, this is my mom's book. Many would say this is a conflict of interest, so I am not going to post my review to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Her next books are going to connect to this book too, so I'm excited. I helped her edit it and I was the second person to read it. This is a book for all ages.

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  1. This sounds intriguing! I love new twists on fairy tales. Thanks for sharing! 😊