Sunday, July 19, 2015

Book Review: Tales from a Not - So - Talented Pop Star - The Dork Diaries Series

Rachel Renee Russell serves up more laughs and adorable illustrations in the next installment of the bestselling DORK DIARIES series.

Nikki Maxwell has been doing everything she can to keep everyone at school from learning the truth--that she's there on scholarship in exchange for her Dad working as the school's exterminator. The last thing Nikki needs is having her friends and--worst case scenario--her crush, Brandon, associating her with the humongous roach on top of her Dad's van! Now it looks like her secret could be about to come out, and Nikki's willing to go to any zany and wacky length to prevent that from happening. The timing seems perfect when a major talent competition is announced with a school scholarship offered as the top prize. Nikki loves to sing and dance and now she gets to have tons of fun with her friends while competing for a chance to free her Dad from his obligation! (And free herself from all that potential damage to her reputation . . .) Once again, hijinks and misunderstandings aplenty ensue, as well as more hilarious and heartwarming moments with Nikki and her friends.
My Review

I have read the first two books from my local library, so I thought it was time to read and review this one.  It has 311 pages. The author, Rachel Renee Russel, to me, has a cool name. Her initials would be RRR ( Triple R.)!!

Zoey, Chloe, and Nikki are BFF's and have been for a long time. The dance really made a difference to the dorky teens, especially Nikki. Do you ever feel better after singing the Queasy Cheesy theme song? It just makes matters worse for Nikki. All was going well until everyone found out about the bug infestation; and to make matters worse Nikki got a tuition bill in the mail and is afraid to tell anyone. At school, they are holding the 10th Annual WCD Talent Show, but Nikki is being blackmailed by the CCP's(Cute, Cool, Popular) so if she goes through with the talent show the whole student body will know about Queasy Cheesy. Still everyone finds out, so she tries to go through with it. Bad stuff happens like: Nikki's friends go join the CCP's, she finds out that someone has been writing "CANCELED" on her sign - up sheets for the talent show, and when she finally gets a band together, they still can't come up with a name!! What else could go wrong?

This book reminded me of how cruel and devious the world is. What happened to treat others as you want to be treated? For future reference to anyone who has been bullied, if someone calls you a geek, nerd, or a dork, it shouldn't bother you...It's better to be unique than average. The only thing I didn't like about the book was the misspelled words. I know it was meant to be like that, because it is a diary, but if we wanted to teach people to spell like that we should definitely make sure they have a copy of "Spelling for Dummies" at hand. LOL! :)

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