Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Have you Hugged your Librarian Today!!

I have told everyone about my story of becoming a victim of bullying, but I don't think I told the story about how I got even closer to my librarian.

Well, it all started when I chose to join Book Club. Everyday at lunch our group would eat lunch in the library and read or sometimes talk about the books we were reading. Well, then the principal changed the Book Club schedule, so we could only go to Book Club 3 days a week. I was getting bullied while I was eating, but I couldn't go to Book Club because the library was closed, so my librarian, Ms. Porter, let me into the library and asked me what was wrong. Since then, I've been able to talk to her about the bullying. When I told her about my blog she freaked out(in a good way), because I read a lot anyway. But, with a blog I have to read even more!!

***There Is Always Someone You Can Trust***

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