Friday, July 29, 2016

Book Review: Ignited - The Ignited Series


Seventeen year old Kris Young is on the run from a throng of superhuman golden-eyed freaks hell-bent on seeing her dead, and she doesn't know why. Good thing she has her guardian angel to protect her...sort of. 

Kris is aided by Nathan, the mysterious man that ends up being anything but angelic when he rescues her for the fourth time in fourteen years. Even if the handsome hero illusion is shattered by his harsh treatment of her, he knows how to fight this strange enemy and is determined to keep her safe at all costs. As the body count rises in their wake, Nathan introduces Kris to a world in which not everyone is human and the battle lines between good and evil are clearly drawn. Kris's piece in the puzzle is something neither is aware of and, as they uncover the truth, neither is prepared for what they find. Overcoming twists and revelations that shatter both of their lives, they discover that nothing is as it seems and nothing, least of all their hearts, are safe. 

My Review

This is the first book in a four book series by Desni Dantone. This book is 344 pages long.

Kris has been traumatized with a series of events that she came out of alive, while her loved ones died. Kris has always remembered her savior(who she though was her guardian angel), and she has always wanted to question him. When evil comes to Kris's doorstep demanding compliance, she gets to, once again, witness the hot wrath that is her savior, Nathan. Secrets are being kept from her for her own "safety", but what neither of them know is all of the knowledge that Kris doesn't know is actually quite vital for her survival. Along the way of survival comes feelings and secrets will be revealed. Why does evil need Kris? Who is Nathan? Will they survive together?

This was a GREAT book! I was always kept on my toes and there were some VERY unexpected complications that both Nathan and Kris had to face. What I really liked was the use of Greek Mythology told from a different point of view. I really want to read the next book and hope to have the chance to. There was definitely a LOT of humor and I think I freaked my mom out all of the times she caught me laughing hysterically. :p  There is cussing, but the F-Bomb isn't one of them. The most parents will have to worry about is violence, which also isn't too bad. I would definitely consider this clean teen/ya appropriate.   

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