Sunday, July 17, 2016

Book Review: Spirits and Spells - The Sage Springs Series


Ivy LaRue didn’t intend on being happy when she moved to Sage Springs, Mo., but that’s exactly what happened. First, Eliza and Lexi wiggled in through the cracks of her carefully constructed defensive walls. Now her best friend, a spirit, is in the flesh thanks to mysterious circumstances. And Ivy can’t help but notice it’s some mighty fine flesh, which just adds another layer of complication to her life. With only days to find a cure to keep her friend in human form, Ivy attempts to find the town's magical spring to save his life. While doing so, however, she must battle an unseen spirit who seems determined to make Ivy's life as difficult as possible. Assistance comes from unlikely places as she faces her past to attain the future she never thought she wanted. 

Casting spells, dodging love and forming friendships soon make this snarky witch realize life is much more interesting than she ever imagined it could be.

My Review

This is the second book in The Sage Springs Series by Hollie Westring. This book is 262 pages long.

Ivy's life in Sage Springs has done her good after her past. Her past is catching up to her, but she has her friends and Oliver, her ghostly lover. She knows she can't love a ghost, because that is absurd... Or at least that's what Ivy thought. On her birthday she gets the gift of a life time. Not only does Oliver have a few human days to really live, she gets to really enjoy life. Her past problems have to be admitted if she wants to keep Oliver as a human. Will Ivy and Oliver be together? Is Oliver going to stay a human or be gone for good? What is so bad about Ivy's past that makes her have to hide?

This was a great book!! I love the fact that Oliver is eating a lot of junk food on his "last days" as a human. I also find myself laughing at every one of Ivy's candle names and the name of the shop. The romance is lovely and there are few curse words. This is a book for most ages. I would like to thank Hollie for this GREAT series that I am able to read because of her!! 

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