Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Book Review: Sudden Hope


Alec is a seventeen-year-old who has endured more in life than anyone should have to. Seeing his neighbor and ex-bestfriend, Skylar, struggle after a tragic loss, Alec makes it his mission to show her that life is worth living. 
Little does he know that he will learn that same lesson.

My Review

This is Sudden Hope by Daniele Lanzarotta and it is 240 pages long.

Alec and Skylar have been neighbors for a long time and a friendship blossomed from this... They were friends for years until a stupid mistake and Alec's sickness ruined what they had. Alec has had a tough life and his friend Kyle will stop at nothing to make him happy again, even if it means being a third-wheel to Alex and Skylar. Skylar has lost the people she cares about the most and she needs Alec now more than ever. Will Alec break all his rules for Skylar? What will happen to Alec seeing as he's sick?

I don't usually read contemporary, but this book was a pleasant surprise. I really liked this book and how both Skylar and Alec have struggles they fight through together!! It is a cute romance with sadness and twists that will make you want to break down in tears. This is on my Top 10 list for my favorite contemporary books, mostly because I don't even have ten on my list. This is a book for most ages with only mild cussing and no sexual scenes. Kudos to the author for her AWESOME writing skills!!

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