Sunday, August 21, 2016

Book Review: Chasing Forgiveness - A Companion Novella


When terror strikes, forever altering your life, it doesn’t ask permission or forgiveness. Madeleine and Amélie’s quiet lives are ripped apart by a creature they never imagined could exist outside a horror story. Their mother is murdered, their father is missing, and the only safe haven is with a family full of secrets. But rescue comes at a price. Ripped from the light of youth, the sisters are forced into the shadows—where they meet brothers Rafe and Rowan. It’s not the time for infatuation or love, but the heart rarely listens to reason. Now, the young women have decisions to make. Will they be able to achieve their unified goal of stopping evil, or will it consume them from the inside out? They soon learn some choices can’t be undone.

My Review

This is Chasing Forgiveness, a companion novella, by Tia Silverthorne Bach. This book is 162 pages.

Madeleine and Amelia had normal lives with a normal family, or so they thought. When evil knocks on their doorstep their family is torn apart and the sisters have to fight. Awoken from the fight, the injured sisters meet Rafe and Rowan. The sisters are with what the others called a family, but they have many secrets. The sisters must live out their paranormal lives in fear and only hope that they can trust their new "family". Not only that, but love is blossoming between the sisters and Rafe and Rowan. Can the sisters trust their family? What other secrets are being hidden? Will love get in the way of survival?

This was a GREAT book!! I liked the twist of the sisters having "gifts", or powers, and Rafe's little pack. The ending was quite surprising and I found the book very hard to put down. This book doesn't have cussing and the sexual content is very fade-to-black, which means that it isn't descriptive. I would definitely recommend this book to many ages. The only thing to worry about would be violence, which it isn't horrible, but that is for the parents to determine for their kids. Great job, Tia!

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