Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Book Review: The Dimension Thieves - The Dimension Series


Free will was a birth right, once upon a time, but now it is a gift from the president. 
If you don’t agree, the president will have you droned.
Having erased an individual’s free will, the droned take on a robotic-like state, controlled by a broadcasted program and operating as mindless servants to society. 
Force Steele, son to one of the president’s highest ranking advisors, has vowed to eliminate Droning, especially after those closest to his heart are affected. But Force’s mission becomes impossible as the president orders the destruction of the Antidote Mechanism—the only machine that can reverse the program. 
In this gripping serial, Force partners with a shifty mechanic and a sketchy crew to travel out of their world and retrieve the parts needed to reverse the loss of humanity. They must journey across lateral dimensions, bartering, begging, and often stealing the materials they need—even from themselves—to fix their diminished society and save the people they love.

My Review

This is book on episode 1 of The Dimension Series by Misty Provencher. This book is 76 pages long.

President Baro has ultimate power over all the citizens of what used to be Earth. Now everyone is marked into categories that signify how important they are and if they should be droned. Not even the high-ranking citizens are safe anymore. President Baro has started mis-using his power to the point of mass-dronings and eliminating anyone that could stand in his way. Force and his friend, Pawl thought that if they became like their fathers, they would end the tyranny of the President, but the President is full of surprises. Force didn't know how involved his father was in all of the deaths and dronings, but he will soon find very disturbing information in the depths of his father's files. Force has to put all of his plans on hold when he finds out about his mother's problems. Will Force be able to win the President over? What is Force's father hiding? Why is Force's mother having problems?

This was a very cool book!! It was very futuristic, but civilization was on the brink of non-existing. I liked the twists at every corner, which only made the maze of the book a lot more fun to find the end. I enjoyed the side romance and I can' wait to read the next book and another of Misty Provencher's book, Cornerstone! There is only mild cussing, so this is appropriate for most ages.

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