Friday, August 5, 2016

Promo for KT Webb's books

KT Webb is a big city girl living in small town South Dakota. Although she was born in Michigan, most of her younger years were spent between the suburbs of Chicago. Moving to South Dakota was a big change, and she never would have guessed she'd fall in love and decide to stay. She has been married to her wonderful husband since 2006 and they have two beautiful children ages 7 and 4. 
KT has been writing for as long as she can remember and always dreamed of becoming a published author. She loves to create stories that make readers look at things differently and question reality; which is probably why she tends to write paranormal or fantasy novels.
She is a firm believer in the power of redemption, second chances, and that magic surrounds us every day if we know where to look. KT is a goofy and fun-loving person and is often described as snarky, bold and brash.

The Evolved Blurb:
Thatcher Kline has a fiery personality. His life sucks and he isn't interested in talking to anyone, let alone helping them. Despite his thoughts on the matter, fate has another plan; Thatcher has a secret but when he meets a handful of others with similar secrets he's catapulted into a dangerous and ancient battle. 

The Evolved are the final descendants of the Old Immortals. Their super powers not only make them freaks but also make them the only people who can save the world. Together with their remaining ancestors they must discover who they are, the prophecies that guide their lives, and face a terrifying enemy.
Growing Hope Blurb:
Tahlia is a mystery, she has no memory of her life before she joined the Old Immortals, but they begin to remember a life before her. 

The legend is that she was locked away in the golden sphere with the evils of the world. When Pandora released the Maladies on an unsuspecting world, she also released Tahlia, the spirit of hope personified, and altered the course of humanity forever. 

Despite their still-healing wounds, the Evolved have embraced their mission. They've spent the last five years cleaning up after their battle with Absalom, but now they are discovering that new enemies are stepping out of the shadows. In order for the Maladies to drown humanity in their darkness they must first snuff out the light.
Choosing Eternity Blurb:
Nora never asked to lead an army. She never asked to risk everything to ensure the survival of the world. But, when a bloody battle is inevitable and everyone looks to her for guidance, she realizes her decision is easy.  
As they face the return of the strongest evil ever to exist, the Evolved must expose long-held secrets and forge alliances to strengthen their cause. They quickly discover this is an enemy they are not meant to fight and have to overcome the obstacles he puts in their way to keep them from bringing back the only person who can.
The final prophecies are coming to pass, death is all around them, and they face uncertainty at every turn. 

The Evolved Excerpt

Heading down the alley behind the coffee shop, Thatcher began to shudder at the chill seeping into his bones. He looked around to make sure the coast was clear before closing his eyes and focusing on the Earth’s core. He could feel the heat rising from his feel through the rest of his body. A slow smile spread across his face as he felt the warmth reach the farthest extremities of his body.

Thatcher allowed himself to sit down against the wall. He had been running for months. All he knew was he’d passed three state lines, and hadn’t eaten in days.

He broke the connection between his body and the heat source he used most often while sleeping outside. He was thankful for his ability because without it, he would have frozen to death years ago. When he was twelve, he decided to stop waiting around for a “forever family” and take matters into his own hands. That was when he started running away from every foster home Mrs. North placed him in. Since running away from Silas, he was allowing himself to think more about his past, and was starting to remember the painful event that brought him to Mrs. North in the first place.

Thatcher hadn’t had a family since he was four. His parents were the picture perfect example of a loving family; they loved each other, and they loved him. Sometimes, when he closed his eyes, he could remember bits and pieces about his life before he became a ward of the state. He could see his mother smiling at him, his father pretending not to see him behind the curtain during a game of hide and go seek. He could remember their small two-bedroom house with yellow siding and blue shutters. And he could remember the fire.

The first time Thatcher discovered his abilities, he was in his bedroom on his fourth birthday. He had tried to play with his new baseball in the house, and was in his room thinking about his actions. He’d almost broken a lamp his mother said came from her grandmother. He remembered thinking it wasn’t fair because he hadn’t even gotten any cake. And he remembered being almost asleep when he heard his parents coming down the hall. He propped himself up on his elbows, sure he was about to get a good talking to, but was greeted by his smiling parents, holding a piece of cake with a candle on top. They sang “happy birthday” to him, and he watched the flame dance in the dim light of his room.

After that, things became a blur. It was like a skipping DVD, some scenes played clearly, others repeated themselves, and still others were missing completely. He could remember thinking the flame was pretty, and he like watching it waver as his parents’ breath blew it with their song.

His next memory was of the paper plate catching on fire, his mother dropping it as she cried out in alarm. Thatcher remembered his father yelling words he’d gotten in trouble for repeating days before. He remembered the panic set in as the fire suddenly seemed to engulf the whole room. It seemed the more he panicked, the stronger the blaze became.

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