Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Book Review: Breaking Fences


More than fences are mended at the Bar B Ranch. 
With bravado as his courage and sarcasm his shield, eighteen year old Cutter Boone is a boy who lives his life on danger's edge. After being sent to his uncle's ranch to avoid incarceration, Cutter carries a chip on his shoulder the size of the state of Texas. 
Seventeen year old barrel racer Melodie Graham is another tortured soul in need of repair. Hiding her secrets as carefully as the pale bruises she hides under her thin cotton shirt, she doesn't intend to let the reckless cowboy into her life, or her heart. 
But when tragedy strikes, Cutter is the one she turns to. Can he save her in time? Or will their bad choices lead to more heartbreak for them both?

My Review

This is Breaking Fences by Susan Burdorf. This book is 185 pages long.

Cutter has everything he can dream of... A girlfriend, a best bud, scholarships, and family... Until a crash leaves Cutter and his mom to take care of his sister, without having a father figures help. Cutter is falling apart and there isn't much time until he graduates. At 18 years of age, he is the man of the house and a lot is expected of him. When he makes a really bad decision and gets caught, all of his hard work could be ruined. His uncle saves the day by giving him a second chance. Cutter has to learn of his mistakes and gets to meet new people along the way. There is also the conflict on and around his uncle's ranch. There is missing cattle and it is getting to be massive losses of property. Also with a fiery girl with secrets at his side. Melodie doesn't want anyone, especially Cutter, to ruin what is left of her life. When her horse, Honey, gets washed away and possibly bit by a rabid animal, all she has left is time. Will Melodie let Cutter into her life and tell him her secrets? Will Cutter realize his mistakes? Is Honey going to survive?

I, personally, don't usually read this particular genre. Realistic fiction isn't really very entertaining for me, but as far as realistic books go, this was a great read! I loved the concept and the conflicts. The book started a bit slow, but quickly progressed. I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen. There was some romantic moments and other moments that left you in a rage. If I were in Melodie's shoes, I would fight back against those who would want to harm her. There was only mild cussing. I would consider this book for all ages(that can read. :) ) 

I would also like to thank Susan Burdorf for letting me review this great book!

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