Thursday, May 5, 2016

Book Review: Trial by Charm - The Trial by Charm Series


Seventeen-year-old Julia Wright doesn’t understand her friends’ obsession with boys. She’s never even had a crush, and proudly maintains her composure no matter who is in her presence. In fact, the hotter a guy is to her friends, the more annoying he seems to Julia. When she is blackmailed into being the manager of the men’s swim team, she finds herself face to face with the worst of them all. Team Captain Vander Thelxinoe is the typical self-assured jock, with a not-so-typical ability to change people’s minds at will. It’s a talent he uses often to get what he wants--only his charms don’t work on Julia. Now he’s anxious to figure out why, and the closer he tries to get, the more desperate she is to stay away–especially when he somehow awakens a side of her she never knew existed. 

Their unexpected friendship puts Julia in the middle of a quest she doesn’t quite understand. As her familiar world begins to unravel around her, Julia must partner with the one person who knows how to push her buttons–and, in doing so, discovers the unbelievable truth about who she really is. 

Can Julia and Vander survive the trial set before them, or will they succumb to a more terrifying fate? 

My Review

This is the first book in the trial by Charm Series by Jolene Buchheit. This book is 227 pages long.

Julia has spent her time, after her father's death, in shock and needing any friend she could have at her side. She has always been singled out by Vander Thelxinoe, even though every girl at school worships at his alter. Julia has never really been interested in dating and she has definitely never had a crush. When she learns of Vander's abilities and weird life, she starts to get a new feeling she's not used to. Vander is on a quest to see his mother again, but there are lots of obstacles and he needs to learn how to use his abilities. To top off the ice cream, she is starting to really have the hotties for the guy she thought she hated the most in life. This quest requires Julia's help, since Vander and her have a special bond that is unexplainable. Will Vander's abilities be revealed? Is Julia really falling for Vander? Will they pass the test together?

I really enjoyed this book. Especially since..... There was never a slow or dull moment! The author just kept me guessing and wanting to skip ahead. To be honest, I skipped ahead a few times, because I literally couldn't wait to see what would happen.  It was great and funny at parts. There was really nothing sad about it except the death of Julia's father. There is only mild cussing and some kissing; heart-felt moments. I would consider this a book for most all ages. :p


  1. Thanks for reading and sharing this review!

    1. Thank you for letting me review it. It was great :)