Friday, May 13, 2016

Book Review: Snowbunny - Chronicles of a Wererabbit


My name is Snow and I am a wererabbit. I was born a bunny and thought my fate was to live and die in a lab until a vampire saved me. Now I am fourteen and I've just rescued a teenage werewolf named Josh from scientists who have been experimenting with a terrible serum which takes away the ability to shift. 
We need to find the people who took him; discover who they are working for and what they are planning so we can stop them. 
The road ahead is scary, full of twists and a new love. But no one ever said becoming a hero was easy... 

My Review

This is the second book in a two book series by M.Y. Zeman and illustrations by Jason Moser. This book is 230 pages long.

After Snow rescues Josh, Edgar and John help Snow get her stuff together to move to a safer building... They move to a prison full of many mysteries and new friends. Josh has been having these horrible nightmares of his time captive with those horrible scientists and the strange shifter serum. Snow is having strange feelings toward Josh and her father is noticing. When the group starts to notice the missing species, mostly werewolves, they start searching for the mysterious captivators. John discovers that his sister is part of the serum plan and she may even be the leader of the whole operation. When they come up with a plan, someone will get hurt...SEVERELY! Who will get hurt? Where is this mysterious serum's origin?

This was a great book! It was definitely an unexpected turn of events. I loved the action and Josh's courageous attitude towards a certain someone... Wink, wink. I love how M.Y. Zeman incorporated historical "accidents" in this book. I hope there is another book soon, because this book ended on a major cliff-hanger. I hope to read the next book soon, when it comes out. There was mild cussing and very little violence. This book is also in first-person point of view. I definitely consider this book for all ages. 

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