Thursday, May 12, 2016

Book Review: Snowball - Chronicles of a Wererabbit


I wasn't born with a scar on my forehead. I'm not an heir to a distant kingdom. I was born a rabbit. My destiny was simply to die in a laboratory. But becoming a hero doesn't happen overnight and destiny is a funny thing. In one moment the kindness of a stranger- or in my case a vampire - can change everything. 
My name is Snow and I am a wererabbit. 

Snow Everly was born a rabbit and believes that her destiny was to die in a cold laboratory. Then one winter night, a vampire named John breaks in searching for his missing research. When the lab goes up in flames he goes back and rescues her. He names her Snowball and has no idea that she is no ordinary rabbit. John's partner, Edgar tells him that he is now a father but it takes time for John to realize how right he is. When Snow turns three years old, Snow gains the ability to shift into a girl. Why was she created? Who and what are the mysterious figures following her? Follow Snow on her journey as she makes friends with werewolves, a telepathic mouse and searches for answers. Her dream is to one day become a hero and above all else - she wants to be accepted for who she is - a wererabbit. 

My Review

This is the first book in a two book series by M.Y. Zeman and illustrations by Jason Moser. This book is 248 pages long.

Snow is the first of her kind... A wererabbit. One night a vampire named John is in a research lab and it catches on fire. Snow would not have survived that night if John hadn't have saved her. Snow is growing too fast and she might only have a year or so. Edgar, John's partner, has been trying to help take care of Snow. Edgar and John raise Snow to be a strong and confident shifter. Her friend David, another shifter, needs Johns help to be able to shift into a wolf. When David finds a lead on a serum that can help shifters shift easier, he calls Snow. Snow, being the curious bunny that she is, decides to check it out. She doesn't find the serum, though. Instead she finds a injured werewolf, named Josh, and lots of psycho scientists. Where is the serum? Who is the werewolf? Why was Snow created?

I loved this book! I love shifter/paranormal books. I have read many different shifter books, but never about a rabbit shifter. I wasn't expecting most of what came my way. I didn't know that vampires and shifters wouldn't hate each other. This book is for all ages and only has mild cussing. Snow is bullied even though she is beautiful. This book is in first-person point of view, but with different point of views. Edgar and John have some of their feelings in this book, but it is mostly Snow's point of view. I also like the small comic pictures that show up throughout the book.

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