Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Book Review: Army of the Winter Court - The Skeleton Key Series


The heart and blood of life will give rise to the final army. 

Evvie Hewett is human. Or at least she thought she was. An encounter with a handsome stranger turns her world upside down in an impossible way and everything she thought she knew about herself has changed. Her history holds the key, not only to her future, but to the future of the darkest kingdom in existence. Thrust into the middle of a rivalry between two brothers for the Unseelie throne, she must decide who to trust, and who not to. However, knowing who to trust has never been more difficult when one brother wants her heart, the other, her blood. 

She holds the key to the creation of the ultimate army. Threatened at every turn, she must find the truth before she loses her heart, and her life. Can she see past the lies and deception to stay alive, or will she fall victim to an ancient feud?

My Review

This is a book that is part of the Skeleton Key Series by Ali Winters. This is a 207 page book.

Evvie is now at college with her friend and roommate, Silvia. When she meets the mysterious Ian, she instantly feels a connection. After their date, she falls very ill and find a skeleton key with a mysterious note. After she realizes how to use the key, she finds herself in a realm beyond anything she could imagine. She meets Ian, later known as Auri in this strange realm and learns that not only are the fae real, but they aren't the cute, winged creatures of fairy tales. Everyone is only giving her half-truths, but one thing is for certain... She has to choose between two brothers to be king... One wants her heart and the other wants her blood. Who will she choose? Why her? Is this all just a dream?

This is a GREAT book!! The twists and turns are awesome and the characters are very developed. The ending was very unexpected and the key definitely made this whole adventure of a book possible. I'm very excited to read more books from the Skeleton Key Series. This is a book for all ages and I would definitely recommend this book... I take that back, I recommend reading every book by Ali Winters. I love you, Ali! :)

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