Sunday, September 25, 2016

Book Review: Selected - The Zaratan Trilogy


Destruction.... A show of force... And a warning... 

Three isolated towns across the world have been destroyed in a show of force by alien invaders. It is a clear warning of what will occur if their demands are not fulfilled. The fulfillment: Human children between the ages of twelve through fifteen years. Kara Harper is an unremarkable fourteen-year-old girl who is selected by the aliens. She will be physically and socially orientated during the six months it will take to arrive at the planet Zaratan. The girl who liked the safety of being invisible, cannot help but stand out. Matt Sparks, the boy next door, is also selected. Kara has had a crush on him for as long as she can remember. He vows to safeguard her. The closer they get to their destination, the more difficult it becomes to live up to his promise. 

Kara is unsure if she has the strength to withstand the trials and physical changes she is forced to go through. In a new life, Kara will be torn. Will she be drawn in by an alien boy who has shown interest in her or by the powerful patriarch who sees her as the future of his race?

My Review

This is Selected by Evelyn Lederman. This book is 200 pages long.

Kara lives in a small town, goes to a small school, and has always thought her life was small in the long run, but when she finds out aliens exist her life will change forever. The aliens gave humans a choice... Send their younger teens on an adventure or humanity dies. Everyone of the right age, including Kara and her crush, Matt, are being forced to take tests to see if they have alien DNA present in their blood. When Kara learns that her and her crush are to be taken; they start to think of what this adventure means. The series of tests they must complete just keep getting more difficult, but Kara and her team are powerful enough to make it. What tests need to be passed? Will Kara survive? What do the aliens really want?

This was a GREAT book!! I don't normally read Sci-Fi, but this was a pleasant surprise. I loved all of the different challenges that had to be faced by Kara and her crew. Kara is a strong heroine that has a good backstory, but survives hard times. There is mild cussing, so this is a book for most ages. I would definitely recommend this book for Defiance, the show, fans to read. 


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