Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Book Review: Cinnamon and Sunshine - The Sage Springs Series


Lexi Alamont’s been looking for love for years. But living in the small town of Sage Springs, Mo., means the search has not been fruitful. Sure, there are ghosts galore in town, but the selection of living men isn’t anything to write home about. She’s happily watched her two best friends meet their matches, and she can’t help but think that maybe she’ll have her chance before long. 

When Cruz Drakov comes back into town to do some work for his paranormal TV show, Lexi’s called in to sweeten up the crew with her baked goods. With her growing business being praised from the mouths of celebrities, Lexi’s happy to oblige. What she isn’t expecting is to gain the attention of the guy who’s everything she’s shied away from. Cruz is a self-assured witch, a realist, and not afraid to play the field with his charismatic demeanor. Lexi’s optimistic, sweet, and looking for the one who will make her heart whole. 

Sometimes love is hiding in places you’d least expect. Just ask Lexi and Cruz. 

My Review

This is the final book in The Sage Springs Series by Hollie Westring. This book is 259 pages.

Lexi has always loved the idea of love, but has yet to actually find it. Both her friends, Ivy and Eliza, are in successful relationships and she's happy for them, but she just wishes that she could find love and quit wasting her time on online creeps. When Cruz Drakov comes back t Sage Springs for a filming of his tv series; he decides to employ Sweet Stuff, Lexi's bakery, as his employees main source of food. Cruz has always gotten all of the beautiful celebrities he's wanted, but his unfazed demeanor isn't fooling the little blond spitfire, Lexi. Lexi and Cruz might have just found that love that leaves you breathless. The only problem is they are so different, with Cruz traveling a lot and Lexi not being able to travel ever again. Her duty is in Sage Springs, but will Cruz give up his career to be with her? Will love overcome all? Has Lexi found her love?

This was an AMAZING book!! If I had to choose which book I liked more it would probably have to be this book or Ivy's. This book is full of happy tears and insane love. I didn't even know a love like that existed, but Hollie definitely changed my perspective. If you haven't read any of Hollie's books; you need to grab a copy now! I would definitely recommend this book to all ages. It is rated NA, but that is because the characters are in their 20's. There is some cussing, but no F-Bomb and slight impressions(Some hints at sexual activity, but no detail). Great job, Hollie!

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