Friday, June 3, 2016

Book Review: Entangled by Nikki Jefford



Two months after dying, 17-year-old Graylee Perez wakes up in her twin sister Charlene’s body.
Until Gray finds a way back inside her own body, she’s stuck being Charlene every 24 hours. Her sister has left clear instructions on how Gray should dress and behave. Looking like a preppy isn’t half as bad as hanging out with Charlene’s snotty friends and gropey boyfriend.
The students and faculty of McKinley High might be quick to write her odd behavior off as delayed grief, but bad boy Raj McKenna is the only person who suspects Gray has returned from the dead.
Now Gray’s left with questions about how she died, what went wrong with her mother’s resurrection spell, and what will happen to her if she doesn’t disentangle herself from her sister’s body.

Samantha's Review
This story takes the 'twins' relationship to a whole new level! Going to sleep one night with a touch of upset stomach and waking up two months later in your sisters body?
 I really loved this story! Even though there is magic involved, it felt very believable to me. And the twist with the sisters... seriously? I won't say too much because I don't want to give a lot away, but that was crazy insane and such a cool concept. I will be reading the next book for sure :)

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