Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Book Review: Marella - The Wraidd Elfennol Series


Marella has grown up on the island of Wraidd Elfennol, where humans, animals and the very Elements live in harmony together. 

Since she was a youngling, the draw towards Water has always been the strongest. It is one of the reasons Marella wants nothing more than for that Element to be her Primary, so she can become a Water Weaver, gifted in hydromancy. Each youngling goes to the main village of Charon for the Test to find out which of the Elements they are strongest in, which in turn, will determine their futures. 
Marella’s best friend since childhood, Daren, is also going for his Test. They have been best friends since childhood, getting into many adventures together, as their families spend rest days together. 

Yet when the day comes where their fates will be decided, doubts and insecurities creep into Marella’s mind. What happens when you don’t get what you wish for? And what happens if you do? At this time of their lives, when their paths are about to take Marella and Daren to different places, will they get what they wish for?

My Review

This is the first book in a two book series by Morgan Sheppard. This is a 105 page book.

Marella has always wanted to be a Water Weaver and she didn't think it possible till the day of the Test. She is different from everyone and after she gets her Partner Nixie her parents realize this too. Daren, her best friend, and herself are going to training with all the elements to balance out. Not only does Marella meet new people, but she learns to cope with her new life. There are things she doesn't know, but she will learn of her Calling soon enough.

This was a great book! I definitely recommend people to read this book before reading "Water Weaver", because you will get confused. This book went by fast and was full of detail. I actually felt like I was walking to the Water Lodge and like I was actually at the Testing. This is a book for all ages. Great job, Morgan Sheppard!!

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