Thursday, June 30, 2016

Book Review: Shaded Colored Lies


From birth, Avery Foster was destined to be anything but ordinary. When a mysterious storm stirs up over her school, Avery discovers a dark past and a family secret that changes everything as she knows it. All of a sudden, people are out for her blood, immortal blood. With her family by her side, and a boy she’s known since childhood, can Avery overcome all the barriers put in her way and bring about change for a race who has lain dormant for thousands of years?

My Review

This is Shaded Colored Lies by R.E. Danielle and T.D. Dean. This book is more of a short story and it is 125 pages long.

From a young age, Avery Foster has been getting told lies and being withheld from the truth. When Avery meets a young man named Kage, she feel attracted to him almost immediately. There s a war going on and she is right in the middle. To fight in a war she must have the strength and allies to do so. Avery will learn of her fate and how to control her growing powers.

I really loved the romance in this. I like books with the concept of soulmates and finding your true love. The concept of this book itself, is very interesting. There were some really humorous moments. This book is a mix of my favorite stuff in one book. The only thing that I would recommend is not to let tweens or younger read this book without a parent reading it first. Other than that... Congrats on two great authors working together to make this AWESOME book!!


  1. You are welcome, but it is really you I should be thanking... You gave me the opportunity to read your GREAT book!!