Friday, June 17, 2016

Book Review: Water Weaver - The Wraidd Elfennol Series


The young maiden, Marella, was born to the island of Wraidd Elfennol, a place balanced by the four Elements of nature – Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The essence of each Element contained in sacred artefacts ensuring the balance of life. 

Every year, the community from across the island gather for the Summer Solstice. It is at this celebration the Lords and Ladies of Wraidd Elfennol make an astounding announcement. The sacred artefacts are missing. They then proclaim that four individuals, along with their animal Life Partners, will be selected to restore the balance. 
Marella and her otter, Nixie, are chosen because of their link to the Element of Water and along with her, three others – each in-tune with a different Element. 
Together they embark on a quest to either find the missing artefacts or somehow create new ones. As the world around them changes, danger lurks with every challenge the group face. They must hurry as the Elements need to be restored before a year and a day have passed. 

Failure is not an option or the world as they know it will cease to exist. 

My Review

This is Water Weaver by Morgan Sheppard. This book is 644 pages long.

Marella and her Partner, Nixie have been together for years as Marella has grown into a young woman and a trained Weaver. When Marella learns of her destiny as the Chosen of Water and learns of the challenges she will need to face in the near future, she has trouble grasping this. Not only is Marella chosen, but three other humans of different elements and their Life Partners, Nixie included. The eight of them are to restore the balance of the Elements before a year and a day passes. Some thief has stolen the sacred artefacts and the Chosen must either find them or create new ones. They must find balance together and put their strengths together to defeat this unknown threat. Catastrophe between the elements is causing a path of chaos and destruction among the different elemental villages. The Lords and Ladies of the Elements are blessing the Chosen, as well as the Scions of Elements. Love will spark in the least likely places and the Chosen will learn to get along together. 

I found this to be a very good book with an interesting concept! Not only did the author mix different mythological creatures, but she incorporated the elements and created a well-written book. When I first saw this book, all I could think was "There is 644 pages! How will I get this book done in the time I set it for?", but, surprisingly, it went by fairly quickly. The whole time there was never a dull moment and you really felt connected to these characters. This book gives a new meaning to opposites attract.(wink,wink.) The whole time I was reading this book I was rooting for Kia and Marella, but Daren and Marella had history so I thought it impossible. I really wasn't expecting the ending AND there was a good ending! I kind of wish the author could have put this book into two books, so it would be easier to digest, but other than that it was great. This is a book for most ages, if kids have the patience to read a long book.

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