Monday, June 6, 2016

Book Review: Fractured Glass - A Novel Anthology


What if other worlds existed alongside your own? What if you could travel through them and truly escape reality?

Sloan and Harley Glass were born moments apart; but, despite their differences, the sixteen-year-old twins couldn't be closer. They've held their tongues each and every time their mother has uprooted them--often moving across the country with little notice. They've learned to accept change. But what is Mom running from? They discover they're travelers--half-descendants of those who can traverse an entire universe of parallel worlds known as fractals. When the past catches up, Harley is kidnapped and taken to one of those distant worlds. Now, Sloan must garner her courage and find a way to rescue her sister. Traversing the worlds isn't the hard part; it's surviving the elements and the creatures lying in wait to destroy everything in their path.

Will the Glass sisters be able to save the fractal worlds from the kidnapper, or will everything fracture and crumble around them?

My Review

This is a Novel Anthology called "Fractured Glass" by Tia Silverthorne Bach, Jo Michaels, N.L. Greene, Casey L. Bond, and Kelly Risser. This book is 424 pages long.

The Glass sisters, Sloan and Harley, have always moved around with their mom and didn't even ask questions. When they settle in a place they soon call home, they are surprised by the secrets their mom has kept from them. Not only are they twins, but they have the same dreams and whenever their birthmarks touch a map of new worlds can be formed. These worlds are called fractals and only when Sloan gives her best friend, Diego, a journal of various notes and pictures does he figure out the truth. The twin's father is looking to use them for his own selfish needs of taking over the fractals and there is only two people in the world with enough power to do it... Harley and Sloan's powers joined. Now they must race among the fractals making allies and surviving to find each other again. Elba, ruler over the Castle of Nightmares, has her own agenda, but is willing to help imprison the twin's father. Who are these new allies? Why does the father need the twins? What is Elba's agenda?

This had a very interesting concept... I mean, I don't particularly like the Sci-Fi genre, but it was still a good read. And the way that all of thee authors continued each others stories was great and very well-done. It was pretty slow in the beginning, but it really started to progress. There was also the confusing parts that, to me, weren't explained thoroughly. Like, how exactly Sloan and Harley got home so quickly unlike other times when they had to transverse many fractals. There are a few minor errors, but it was masked with the well-written plot and complex characters. This is definitely a book for all ages and can relate to many teens. I give a round of applause to all of these great authors banding together to create a Novel Anthology!!! 

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