Friday, June 10, 2016

Book Review: Skin and Bones - The Ever Chase Chronicles


Teens are turning up dead, and it will take a special team to catch a killer. 

Derek Doyle has been a member of the Paranormal Investigations Team since the monsters revealed themselves to the world. Considering that he thinks a monster is needed to catch a monster, he's definitely in the right place. As a lone wolf not used to letting many people in, neither man nor beast was prepared for the effect consultant Dr. Ever Chace has on them. 
Growing up human in a world of supernatural creatures, Dr. Ever Chace has always felt a need to be special, to stand out. When asked to consult on a case where teens are being brutalized, she relishes the chance to make a difference and help stop a monster. But working alongside a wolf who she's so drawn to could be the beginning of something Ever might never have envisioned. 
Fate and Destiny have a funny way of creeping up on you when you least expect it. With a murderer on the loose, Ever and Derek will have to put their attraction to one another aside while the hunt continues. 
Easier said than done… right?

My Review

This is Skin and Bones by Susan Harris. This book is 281 pages long.

Have you ever known deep inside yourself that you had another purpose in life, but it was just out of reach? Well, Ever has always felt that way, but when a series of strange murders cause her uncle to call her into duty at the P.I.T. ,  Ever learns she isn't alone in her feelings. Derek Doyle is a lone wolf that believes that it takes a monster to find a monster. He has tried to isolate himself from his friends until he meets Ever Chace, a studier of all things paranormal. There is a strange bond that is pulling them together, but they can't catch the murderer if they are too busy thinking about each other. They realize this the hard way when a human member of their team is captured by the murderer. With the full moon a few days away, Derek is on edge to find the murderer and get away from humanity for the full day that he will be wolfed-out. Ever is no mere human, but she doesn't know the voices in her head and her dreams are part of her past. She must find her way back to her real family, with the help of Derek. Will they save their friend and end the murders that are killing teens? Who is Ever, really? What kind of secrets are hidden from the P.I.T. ?

This was a great book from the start and it held a steady pace. There was problems with the labeling of the book, though. This book was supposed to be clean teen, but this is more of a New Adult read. Ever has very adult thoughts for Derek and they are explained graphically. There are other implications, as well as the F-Bomb dropped a few times. The thoughts are few, though, so this could be considered Young Adult. I would have definitely gave this a better rating if it had actually been labeled right. I would love to read the next book, if it was actual clean teen. All I'm saying is that parental descresion is advised. I think that's what they say in the movies!?! 

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