Thursday, June 9, 2016

Book Review: I Do Believe in Faeries - The Fairy Revels Collection


Abby knew that life wasn’t fair. That’s why she turned to the Fair Ones. Abby thinks she’s a disappointment. Even though she’s grown up in a family of powerful witches, she can’t use magick, she can’t connect to nature, she can’t do anything special – she’s just a normal human. And normal isn’t good enough for her. When faeries offer her one wish, she doesn’t hesitate to wish for magick of her own. But wishes require a sacrifice. And that sacrifice is her friend Alaian's unborn baby. Magickal or not, Abby has to make things right. She ventures into Tír na nÓg to rescue the infant before it’s too late. There's only one problem. Once she’s there, she may never be able to leave.

My Review

This is "I Do Believe in Faeries" by Erin Hayes. This book is 168 pages long.

Abby feels like she is an outcast in her own home, because of the fact that everyone but her can cast magick. Abby's older sister's friend is pregnant and Abby is in a bit of a predicament. When Abby makes a deal with some pixies to get magick, but the sacrifice needed isn't hers to give. Her friend's baby is being offered to one of the four Fae courts. Only with the help of a strong and mischievous fae can she find the baby. There are many obstacles, but the biggest is the possibility that she can't leave the fae realm, Tir na nÓg. Abby is falling for the fae and is even thinking about giving up her magick for him and the baby. Who is this fae? Which realm is the baby in? Will Abby leave the fae realm?

This was a great book. Erin Hayes definitely captured the fae realm in all of it's beautiful glory with an exotic use of descriptive words. Erin Hayes descriptions of the fae lands made me feel like I was actually there with Abby. Abby is a strong character with slight anger issues(if you know what I mean. wink, wink.) This is definitely a book for all ages and has a happy ending.

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